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Hall current sensor
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Key words:Hall current sensor

(1) The current sensor must be appropriately selected according to the rated effective value of the measured current. If the measured current is excessive for a long time, it will damage the final power amplifier tube (refer to the magnetic compensation type). Under normal circumstances, the overload current of 2 times should not exceed 1 minute.

(2) The voltage sensor must be connected to a current limiting resistor R1 on the primary side according to the product description so that the primary side receives the rated current. Under normal circumstances, the double overvoltage duration must not exceed 1 minute.

(3) The best accuracy of the current-voltage sensor is obtained under the condition of the primary side rating, so when the measured current is higher than the rated value of the current sensor, the corresponding large sensor should be selected; when the measured voltage is higher than the voltage sensor The current limiting resistor should be readjusted at rated value. When the measured current is less than or equal to the rated value of 1/2 or less, in order to obtain the best accuracy, the number of turns can be used.

(4) The sensor with insulation withstand voltage of 3KV can work normally for 1KV and below AC system and 1.5KV and below DC system. 6KV sensor can work normally for 2KV and below AC system and 2.5KV and below DC system. Be careful not to overpressure.

(5) When used on a device that requires good dynamic characteristics, it is best to use a single copper-aluminum busbar and match the hole diameter. The large or small number of turns will affect the dynamic characteristics.

(6) When used in a high-current DC system, if the working power supply is open or faulty for some reason, the core has a large residual magnetism, which is worth noting. Remanence affects accuracy. The method of demagnetization is to add a working power supply, communicate with the original side and gradually reduce its value.

(7) The anti-external magnetic field capability of the sensor is: 5~10cm of the distance sensor, which is more than twice the current value of the primary side of the sensor, and the generated magnetic field interference can resist. When three-phase high-current wiring, the phase-to-phase distance should be greater than 5~10cm.

(8) In order to make the sensor work in the best measurement state, the simple typical regulated power supply described in Figure 1-10 should be used.

(9) The magnetic saturation point of the sensor and the saturation point of the circuit make it have a strong overload capability, but the overload capability is time-limited. When the test overload capability is exceeded, the overload current of more than 2 times must not exceed 1 minute.

(10) The temperature of the primary side busbar shall not exceed 85 °C, which is the characteristic of ABS engineering plastics.

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